Nebraska Disaster Relief

Nebraska Strong!  We all know Nebraskans are strong, tough people able to care for themselves and their neighbors.  Never has that rang more true than during the recent weather related disasters that have impacted the majority of our state.  Scribner Insurance would like to thank the first responders, many of whom are volunteers that risked theirs to save others.  We’ve seen the best of Nebraska communities opening up their hearts and homes to shelter evacuees from direct flood impacts.  We’ve seen countless volunteer hours pouring into areas impacted to help with cleanup.  We know this will continue to be the case as waters recede and  farm ground and livestock pens continue to dry out.  For those not knowing where to go from here, we have a link available for Disaster Assistance.  Simply type in your zip code, you will be able to continue to find information from there.

Know that our prayers continue for all impacted.

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