Disaster Emergency Preparedness Center

Welcome to the Disaster Preparedness Center, an information service about what to do before, during, and after any type natural disaster our area is liable to experience.  We know living in Nebraska our weather can turn without much notice.  In December you may leave the house with a light jacket and sunglasses, but by the drive home you need your heaviest winter coat, snow boots and a snow shovel to get to your front door.  Not all Storms end in a natural disaster but we at Scribner Insurance believe its best to prepare.  Have and not need than need and not have.

Take some time to get emergency supply kits ready for any event.  Strong and severe storms can happen in an instant.  Does your family have a plan? Many of us have children in different activities, potentially in different cities or towns, how do we know everyone is safe.

If the kids are home on their own while mom and dad are at work, are they safe?  Can they handle inclement weather?  What if the power goes out, do they know what to do?  Having plans in place before can lessen the stress on all in these situations.

What happens after the storm has passed?  After everyone is safe and the shock wears off what to do next.  Protect your property from further loss or damage.  Board broken windows and doors, cover roof damage if at all possible.  Keep track of all receipts and take pictures.  Contact us at Scribner Insurance, we will contact your insurance company on your behalf to get the claim process started.


Please be advised:

Following any natural disaster, insurance carriers will freeze your ability to secure coverage. This moratorium will last weeks and sometimes months after the disaster has subsided. If you have any concern that you may not be adequately covered, please call immediately.

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