Ride safe with these motorcycle tips

Motorcycle Safety

 Motorcyclists know that riding gives them a freedom that driving a car just can’t match. But the best riders also know that motorcycles require more focus to operate and don’t provide the same protections cars do in the event of a crash. The best riders also take great care in all situations, whether they’re in heavy traffic on Hwy 275, stuck in the rain or just taking a quick ride on a perfect day.


If your habits aren’t as safe as they could be, or if you’re new to motorcycling, don’t worry! Instead, take time to improve. The quick safety tips below are a great place to start.


Want more? Check out the Motorcycle Safety Foundation or the American Motorcyclist Association And remember to give us at Scribner Insurance a call at 402-664-3454 when you need to get coverage for your bike (or your home or auto, boat or more)!


First things first

  • Wear proper safety gear and, most importantly, a helmet – no matter how short your trip may be.
  • Make sure you can be seen by other motorists. Make it easier for them by wearing reflective clothing, always using turn signals (and perhaps hand signals as well) and keeping your headlight on.
  • Even when taking the above precautions, stay alert and assume that other drivers don’t see you — especially at intersections and when making lane changes or passing.
  • Be patient. Don’t tailgate, and if someone is tailgating you, get out of their way.
  • Don’t ride after drinking or taking any medications that could impair your abilities.


Riding at night

  • Again, make sure you’re visible — particularly at dusk. Consider upgrading your headlight or adding other lights to your ride. Is your bike black? What about your clothing? Both will make you more difficult to see at night.
  • Your vision needs to be clear, so keep your visor or goggles clean and free from scratches. If you don’t use face or eye protection, consider it.
  • Carry a flashlight or other emergency gear with you so a mechanical problem doesn’t leave you stranded — and invisible — on the side of a dark road.


Bad weather?

  • Keep rain and cold-weather gear handy. Riding isn’t just more enjoyable when you’re warm and dry — it’s safer, too.
  • Use extreme caution when it first begins to rain, as the roads are most slick at that point. Pull over and wait if necessary. It’s better to be late than ride in unsafe conditions.


We wish that all of your rides could be on sunny days with wide-open roads, but we know that’s not going to happen. So think about safety every time you start up your bike!




5 Responses to “Ride safe with these motorcycle tips”

  1. Sabrina Addams

    My husband has always wanted to own a motorcycle since he was a child, so I am surprising him for our 15th anniversary with one! I want to make sure he is safe and protected while driving, so I highly appreciate your tips to make sure he always wears a helmet and reflective clothing so that he’s seen by other cars. Once I give it to him, I’ll tell him this and find an auto insurance service for it.

  2. Vivian Black

    You made a great point about riding at night and how you should be as visible as possible. My husband and I are looking for a motorcycle dealer that can help him get a motorcycle that fits his needs best. We will keep these tips in mind as we search for a professional that can help us best.

  3. Adam Golightly

    My cousin really likes to ride motorcycles and he thinks that it could be really fun to go to a track day. Going to something hosted by a professional could be really useful. I’ll be sure to tell him that be should make sure to be alert and aware of drivers and be patient while driving.

  4. Derek McDoogle

    I totally agree with you when you said that you should always wear the proper gear when riding a motorcycle. My brother loves motorcycles but he has never had one before. Thanks for sharing this article, it would be nice to share it with brother since he is thinking about getting one soon.

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