Comprehensive Nebraska Irrigation Insurance

Technology may have transformed irrigation systems in recent years but it’s done nothing to stop Mother Nature from wrecking them.

In fact, in an age of seemingly unstable climate — plus additional perils like collisions and even crime — your irrigation equipment could be at greater risk of damage or loss than ever before.

You may already have insurance in place for your center-pivot/irrigation systems but, if the worst happens, will it be enough to fully cover rapidly-rising costs? And will your insurer pull out all the stops to get your system back up and running as swiftly as possible?

These are big, important questions for today’s crop farmers. You don’t want to find out too late that you have the wrong answers!

That’s why so many agribusinesses across rural Nebraska turn to Scribner Insurance Agency for their center-pivot insurance. We’re not only the experts in this specialist area; we also offer the most comprehensive range of irrigation insurance options at some of the most competitive rates available.

Our Irrigation Insurance Solution

Scribner Insurance Agency has spent many years developing a pivot insurance program that can be customized to the very specific needs of individual clients.

We offer top-rated coverage with a range of options that depend on many factors like location, susceptibility to damage or theft, age of existing systems, type of usage, your budget and other cost factors.

For instance, your pivot insurance coverage could include:

Coverage for both water powered and electrically-propelled systems

  • Full replacement cost for systems less than 10 to 15 years old, with zero depreciation
  • Alternatively, replacement at discounted current actual cash value for older systems
  • Equipment breakdown, including sprinklers, pumps, panels, pipes and tubes
  • Protection for
    • Weather damage — including wind, snow and ice
    • Accidental damage (such as a tractor collision)
    • Vandalism or theft
    • Electrical damage due to flooding or lightning
    • Damage caused by pests
    • Subsidence
    • Earthquake
  • Endorsements for portable irrigation systems

 Why Scribner Insurance Agency?

We don’t just provide insurance. We give you the friendly customer service you expect and the speedy support you need if you have to make a claim.

We work closely with leading agribusiness and irrigation insurance specialists — people who understand the need to act quickly in the event of a loss or failure — and we can secure competitive rates, with discounts where available.

We’ll offer help and guidance on how to reduce risks to your irrigation system, including how to map and record locations and structures — which will help in the event of a claim.

Then we’ll work with you and your insurer to get you back in business after a covered incident.

We get to know our clients and their businesses, so we’re always on the lookout for ways of better serving them, reducing risks or costs if we can.

Talk to Scribner Insurance Now

The best time to explore and arrange your center-pivot irrigation insurance is when everything is running smoothly.

Waiting till things go wrong won’t work — and even if you’re insured you could be penalized by the insurance company if you’re not adequately protected.

So, talk to Scribner Insurance now. If you’re already insured, we’ll review your coverage and give you an honest opinion, at no charge.

If you’re seeking new pivot irrigation insurance, you’ll have the comfort of knowing you’ll be speaking with experts who understand your needs.

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