Total Security with Nebraska Seedsmen’s Insurance

 When you’re in the business of supplying seed, your reputation hinges on the quality of your products and your ability to deliver on time. So does the prosperity of your business.

But you face many risks that could disrupt your performance. Without effective seedsman’s insurance, you could find yourself struggling to meet your commitments if these hazards turn into a real-life crisis.

In this highly-specialized agribusiness, you need to be certain that you have seed dealers’ insurance, which means working with an agent who knows your business, has the necessary depth of expertise, and can deliver both sound advice and a rapid response when things go wrong.

In rural Nebraska, that means calling on the seedsman’s insurance experts at Scribner Insurance Agency. Over our many years of serving the state’s agribusiness sector, we’ve developed a comprehensive program to protect seed dealers. It’s ready and waiting to meet your needs.

The Scribner Insurance Seedsman’s Insurance Program

We provide a customized service based on the unique and specific needs of individual seed merchants, with a range of options that protect you against multiple risks.

This individually-tailored program can include:

Commercial liability insurance for bodily injury or third-party damage at physical business locations and for product liability claims. It includes protection against claims relating to environmental hazards such as pollution and chemical dispersal.

  • Professional seedsmen’s liability coverage to protect against claims relating to seed quality and other defects arising from errors (for example, mislabeling), omissions, disease, germination deficiencies and other hazards.
  • Seed dealer’s property insurance for your buildings, warehouses, machinery and equipment, including seed tenders, processing and GPS equipment. This includes storm and flood damage as well as fire and theft.
  • Seed inventory insurance for loss, contamination, disease, pest or other damage to your seed and fertilizer supplies both in storage and in transit.
  • Protection against business disruption and loss of income arising for circumstances beyond your control.
  • Commercial vehicle insurance.

We can also supply dealer bonds and certification.

In addition, the Scribner Insurance Agency Seed Dealers’ Insurance program can include a range of other business protections such as employee-related insurance, from workers’ comp to employee theft.

How You Benefit from the Scribner Seedsman’s Insurance Solution

Here at Scribner Insurance, we don’t just provide insurance. We give you the friendly customer service you expect and the speedy support you need if you have to make a claim. A fast response can be critical in ensuring continuity of business and service.

We can also guide you with risk management and safety issues as well as regulatory compliance.

Because we’re an independent agency, we work with many leading agribusiness insurers rather than being tied to just one. This means we can secure the best coverage with maximum flexibility on seasonal risks, coverage limits and premium payment terms.

We can arrange valuable discounts where available, including reduced rates for higher-level deductibles.

We make it a point to get to know our clients and their businesses, so we’re always on the lookout for ways of better serving them, reducing risks or costs if we can. Think of us as your partners and you’ll understand how we operate!

Talk to Scribner Insurance Now

The best time to explore and arrange your seed dealer insurance is when everything is running smoothly. Waiting till things go wrong won’t work.

So, talk to Scribner Insurance Agency now. If you’re already insured, we’ll review your coverage and give you an honest opinion, at no charge.

If you’re seeking new seedsmen’s insurance, you’ll have the comfort of knowing you’ll be speaking with experts who understand your needs.

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