Fast and Easy Special Event Insurance in Nebraska

You’re planning a special event — maybe a one-off or part of a series. You want everything to go smoothly and you want it to be a big success.

Keep your mind focused on that and let Scribner Insurance Agency take away the worries about the thousand-and-one things that could go wrong.

When it comes to special event insurance, we’re the experts around here, offering fast, effective and low-cost protection.

Hundreds of satisfied clients in Scribner, North Bend, Fremont, Hooper, Dodge and Howells can testify to that!

What kind of events can be protected and what type of coverage do you need?

It could be anything from a wedding to a youth sport league. It could be a small group gathering, a community festival, a ski group outing, a show or an exhibition.

The fact is that almost any group activity carries a stack of risks, many that you may not even have thought about. Just make sure you’re not uninsured or under-insured.

Small Group Insurance and Special Event Insurance Programs

The solution lies in Scribner’s unique small group insurance and special event insurance programs.

They’re tailor-made to protect the specific risks of your event. Examples of the hazards we can protect you from include:

Special event liability insurance to protect against lawsuits for injuries or property damage

  • Liquor liability
  • Theft of equipment and personal property
  • Event cancellation, postponement or curtailment insurance — protection against unforeseen, disruptive events like bad weather or breach of contract by participants
  • Damage to equipment or structures due to weather, fire, accidents, vandalism or other hazards
  • Coverage for hired equipment and specialist vehicles against damage or even breakdown.

Liability protection can be set at limits that best suit the group or event and your budget, with coverage available of up to $5 million or even more,

And for peace of mind of your participants, or even to meet regulatory requirements, we can provide instant insurance certification.

Why You Need Special Events Protection

When you’re planning group activities, one of the things that matters most is the speed and ease of putting special event insurance in place.

You want to be able to call on experts who know what they’re doing and will ensure you get the right coverage at the right price — and that you don’t end up paying for insurance you don’t need.

That’s why you need Scribner Insurance Agency. We can provide a quote and put your special event insurance in place almost instantly and at short notice — possibly even as late as the day of an event.

We can also arrange special event insurance to cover multiple activities or even an annual policy that will protect you for a range of events and activities.

Act Fast — Get Fast Action

 Here at Scribner Insurance, we don’t just provide insurance. We give you the friendly customer service you expect and the speedy support you need if you have to make a claim. You want to know we’ll be there when you need us.

You have so much to think about for your small group activity or special event, but if you put insurance high on your planning list and speak to our experience professionals, you’ll quickly be able to check it off.

Call us now or as soon as you start planning your special event and we’ll quickly and painlessly move you out of the worry zone. Count on Scribner Insurance to keep it simple and solve it quickly!




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