Custom Landscape Gardening Business Insurance

The great outdoors. People may think outside work such as a landscaping business is pure enjoyment. But you know different.

Landscape design and gardening are fraught with multiple risks, like injury from machines, falling tree limbs and other hazards, working with potentially dangerous chemicals and damage to client property.

You have to be fully protected with landscaping insurance to be able to focus on and grow your business.

Fortunately, the solution is here on your doorstep with landscaper and arborist insurance from Scribner Insurance Agency.

We also provide insurance for snow removal businesses — something that some landscapers turn to in the colder months.

And we can provide comprehensive protection for a wide range of other landscape related businesses including irrigation contractors, tree trimmers and landscape architects.

The Scribner Insurance Landscape and Snow Removal Business Insurance Program

For more than 50 years, Scribner Insurance Agency has been providing insurance protection for many landscapers, snow removers and arborists. We protect businesses in many parts of Nebraska including Scribner, North Bend, West Point, Fremont, Hooper, Dodge and Howells.

During that time, we’ve developed a range of customized programs based on the needs of each individual client. With our help, you can draw on many options to protect your business against multiple perils.

These options include:

Coverage for your premises, vehicles and equipment against many causes of damage, failure and theft

  • Liability insurance to protect you against claims and lawsuits for injuries and property damage you may cause
  • Liability coverage for quality of workmanship and errors
  • Coverage for damage to power lines and other utility installations
  • Interruption to your business and loss of profits due to circumstances beyond your control
  • Umbrella insurance to protect your business against claims and costs that exceed the limits of your main coverage
  • Cyber insurance for loss or compromise of client records

As mentioned earlier, we can also provide similar options for snow clearing businesses.

In fact, if you’re a landscaper/arborist adding snow clearance to your offer, we can often include this as a simple endorsement on your existing arborist and landscape business insurance policy.

Why You Should Choose Scribner Insurance Agency

We’ve built our business on a reputation for honesty, reliability and speed of service but there’s much more to the Scribner Insurance Agency service.

For example, because we have masses of experience and expertise in landscaping business insurance, we understand how your business works and know many of the risks involved.

This enables us to provide guidance on risk management in your activities. And, if you ever need to make a claim, we understand the need to get your business back to normal as quickly as possible so we can work with you to achieve that.

Furthermore, we know how to secure the best possible rates for your protection. We work with many leading insurers so we know exactly where to find the right insurance at the right price.

Furthermore, we can negotiate special seasonal insurance so that you only have to pay for the months your business operates.

Get The Best Protection Right Now

We offer a totally free, no-obligation consultancy service for landscaping business insurance. And because we work with only the best insurers, we’ve already done the shopping-around that’s so important to securing the best coverage.

Even if you already have landscaping and arborist business insurance, you may be able to save money by letting our experts check through your existing coverage — again at no cost.

It’s important not to delay getting the right protection in place as soon as possible. Sadly, we know of too many cases where landscapers and arborists either were uninsured or underinsured. This can put you out of business.

So, get in touch now with the friendly and knowledgeable experts at Scribner Insurance Agency and let us take those worries off your checklist.



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